Finding Professionals

Find the best professionals near you

As a Virtual Assistant, I’m asked to do a lot of things.  Recently, finding the “best” of a number of professionals has become a bit en vogue, with customers asking me about where to find the best dentist, or where to find the highest rated pressure washer, or where to find the most experienced plumber.  I’m happy to do all of these, of course (that’s what I get paid for) and it’s made easier by the fact that a lot of “best of” sites are popping up that are, in fact, quite good.

Many of these sites vet and research the services they advertise so a lot of the work is already done for me.  I’ll still do some research, of course, but I’ve found that more and more the research that has been done on these companies is pretty thorough and their results are entirely trustworthy.

What do I look for in a trusted professional?  Accreditations are big for experts in fields where applicable.  For Medical or Dental related fields, I’ll look for where they graduated from, where they attended their graduate schools and, when appropriate, where they did their later studies. Certifications are important as well – going beyond normal education to achieve a certification shows that the person or business remains interested in furthering their studies and enhancing their knowledge and competence in their area of study.

Customer recommendations are big these days.  Many sites exist that enable customers to rate their experience when dealing with a given business.  Alongside sites dedicated to these types of reviews are the sites that are maintained by the business itself.  Many sites either allow recommendations or provide links to review sites.  Good sites typically have a subset of reviews displayed on their site.  Thumbtack is a good example of a site that reviews and rates businesses, as is Angie’s list.